About the initiative

The inspiration behind the project

In 2020, we looked back to our roles as commercial designers and asked ourselves - how might we contribute and commit to a greater good, while using our creative skills and superpowers.

In saying this, we wanted to take realistic steps, stay grounded and not be naive on the effort that it takes in making an impact. So we promise to apply patience and humility in what we do.

Here we are starting small, taking small steps. Because we've learned in the past that it’s the small things that inspire the big ones.

When you buy from us, 20%-50% of our profits goes to support the ongoing critical work on dealing with mental health challenges in Australia. Read more about what your contribution means.


We believe in the importance of appreciating one’s life process, including the struggles that comes with the journey – knowing in time, we’ll make it through.


What matters the most to us

We start with the principles that we dearly hold in our agency team at Relab – it’s about creating work through meaningful relationships.

Meaningful relationships can only happen when we genuinely support and serve each other. We believe that the more we are at service for the good of others, the better off we become in time.

We feel inspired to extend this mindset and culture into the wider community. We want to be available, to be around and be helpful when others need us. We want to be a friend that is on your side, cheering you on the sideline.

And we want to do all this while raising awareness on the importance of resilience, and build an appreciation towards opportunities and survival stories.

It’s about making through.